Tech Talk is a tech forum where network operators, engineers, researchers and other professionals close to network community and other technology meet to discuss topics related to today's quickly evolving technology. Everyone is welcome to participate and to ask related questions, make suggestions and leave comments.
Benefits of Tech Talk :
• Participants will have riche vein of experience to draw on, and can pool references and ideas.
• A group can often produce better thoughts than an individual and can sparks off more ideas.
• provide Network education, Capacity building and knowledge transfer
Tech Talk Forum format
Once each month, we will post a new topic or question for discussion in the web site . This will always happen on Every Last Saturday Of The Month ., During that week we are encourage our participants to think, read, create threads, and make questions so they can get benefit from this forum as much as possible.
Also we will publish the discussions on SoundCloud ,YouTube and will be available online on the website.
All the topics that will be covered on Tech Talk forums will be related to Network and Internet Technology …..etc , and we are happy to receive your suggestions and ideas for topics that can be covered on TechTalk forum.
We suggest these topics
• Built-up Internet Standards
• Online Identity
• Intellectual Property
• Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Internet Regulation
• Internet Governance
• Internet Security through Resilience and Stability
• Internet Protocol (IP) Addressing
• IPv6
• Net Neutrality
• Privacy & identity
• Routing Security
• Standardisation